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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nora Hair Salon is closed

Assalammu'alaikum family, friends, readers and followers of this blog. This entry is going to be short. It just came to my attention that a lot has read of my review on Nora Hair Salon (here), and many have asked me for her contact details, and such.

First of all, I am just a customer like any other. I am not her personal friend or relative. I know very little of her, just as a customer and owner of a salon sort of relationship. All I have heard is that she isn't well, health and mental wise, I was last contacted by her husband in November 2015, and haven't heard of her since.

I don't know if there will be any other arrangements, refunds or any kind for those who had paid for the packages. I am also one of those who had paid for a 10 sessions package, and have only been for two of them.

I don't know how to help, and I have no idea how else to reach her. If any of you know, maybe we can all share the information, and get some answers and closure. Otherwise, in the meantime, I guess we can only pray that she gets better and would get in touch with all her customers somehow.

Muslimah Hair Salon seemed to be on a rising trend, and we can all help each other look out for more outlets and options to try.

I haven't got the time to treat my hair yet, and haven't done so in the last 6 months - I think. I truly, and perhaps desperately, in need for some hair spa of some kind. And to those who reside in the West, I am dying to find one other Muslimah Hair Salon if there is any! We are so in need, right?

There are so many in the East it seems, and I really really hope one of the Salons would open a branch in the West for us. I really do!

You may continue to leave your comments to suggest other Muslimah Salons to try and their details so I can review them when I find the time, InsyaAllah.

So until I get some hair spa...

the one with messy hair beneath her tudung,


Add: Check out the review of Muslimah Palace Hair Studio here!


Jun Yusof said...

I found one in Bukit Panjang, ladies.


Muslimah Palace Hair Studio, located at Blk 603A, Senja Road.

Shall try one day, InsyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jun,

I was a customer of Nora's as well (also last heard from her husband in November). Just wanted to ask if you happened to come across other hair salons that offered henna hair treatments similar to the one that Nora offered at her salon?

Cheers, Lin

Jun Yusof said...

Hi Lin,
I had just patronised Muslimah Palace Hair Studio at Senja Road, they do have Henna Treatment as well, the other two treatments I didn't ask. But I have linked my review on them in this post, and there is a link in that post to lead you to their FB page, Fiza usually replies PMs on the same day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jun,
Thank you for the info!


Anonymous said...

i have the same encounter and i have paid the full$500 to Nora Muslimah...i have gone only 3 sessions. She still owe me another 9 session.. another knows how to put closure on this? do we get refund or i can get the balance of sessions at other salons?


Junaidah Yusof said...

Hi Eida,
Sadly I do not have any solutions as I myself was left stranded with no clue or even hope to get any refunds. And to put the responsibility of giving refund or replacement of sessions on other salons deem to be unfair. There are small and would need sales to survive too. Hopefully Nora gets well and gets back in touch with all her customers to settle it out fairly.

Junaidah Yusof said...
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Nasuha Rohaizad said...

Salam :) facing a hair crisis jut like you since I was a regular at Nora's. So I googled, found more gems in the west and thus sharing them with you!

1. Helwa Awi Muslimah Salon
2. Pearlista (Clementi)

Jun Yusof said...

Salam Alaik Nasuha!

Alhamdulillah! Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to go Pearlista @ Clementi Vibe, but havent found much time in my hands yet. There are indeed more and more Muslimah Hair Salons popping up in the west, which is AWESOME!